jcast2: Being Odd Has Been Good To Me


J sings at Jono's wedding reception
Playing at Jono’s wedding reception – Jono hiding behind his nephew

I’ve been playing a song my buddy Jono wrote, called “God Has Been Good To Me,” for a while now. So when he got married just before Christmas, we threw him a roast, and I wrote some alternate lyrics for the occasion. First you’ll hear my version of “God Has Been Good To Me,” then you’ll hear my roast/tribute to Jono called “Being Odd Has Been Good To Me.” I overdubbed a guitar solo with delay on the first; you can hear the dog whining and birds singing in the second.

I’ve started posting stuff from the roast, starting with Chris’s slideshow of Jono’s life in pictures at my personal blog, EverydayJ.com.

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