Live at Lambert's

j at lamberts

Fun set at a jumpin’ Lambert’s last Friday night. Here are two songs from the board mix that came out pretty well (and I don’t play live often). Derek Morris on keys.

Be My TV

Circus Tent


  1. God Has Been Good To Me
  2. All The Above
  3. Room 304
  4. For Your Lover
  5. Jesus (would slap the shit out of you)
  6. Be My TV
  7. Circus Tent
  8. Sleep
  9. Un Momento Perfecto
  10. 10. Walkin’ With You

j and derek at lamberts

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One thought on “Live at Lambert's”

  1. Cool. Too bad there couldn’t have been some percussion for your Circus Tent. It just begs for it as I listen. I find myself tapping and clicking along. Awesome song.

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