Sat Morn

Got some buddies there I see
the runner said to me
as me and Townes and Frids lounged in the sun
Twas a gorgeous Sat’day morn
cool breeze, warm sun
the day barely begun already runnin’ round

Townes chewin on a stick
Frida chewin’ on her leg
all rollin on our backs in our grassy gowns
Under the trees by the stream
across from where I’ve been
I can see the rut I’m in and how well worn
How I sit day after day
dreamin’ of places I’ll play
instead of finding ways to get it done

And Townes said Let’s jump in the pool and chase things
and Frida said Don’t mind me, I’ll sneak along behind
and I said Come on, move along, let’s go now
And home we flied

Takin advice from the dogs is a mugs game
Takin advice from the cats is fine
Take me some good advice for when you need relaxin
Take yourself a little time

Cause I know that Townes is right
a dog needs his exercise
but I feel like some catnip and following behind
Now they’re dozing on the porch
and I’m strumming a few chords
to get my head restored to the how and why

I know that I need a plan
that details who I am
defines the discipline to win the war
To forget about my worst
put out my best and bust
on to the scene like the first one to be born

And Townes says Please don’t be gone all the time
and Frida says I’ll wander off into the night
so I told them that I’ll stay and myself that I’ll play
and walk them everyday forevermore
walk them everyday

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