SWOT Analysis


  • a pro CD and a strong catalog of 50 songs with 5 to 10 potential hits
  • 12 years of connections in the Austin music scene and beyond
  • a home studio and an album waiting to be made
  • a great band and a city full of great players
  • an active blog site with a bit of steady traffic
  • some digital distribution income starting to come in
  • a day job that overlaps nicely with these communications goals


  • I don’t know the right people to partner effectively with
  • I’m unsure as to how to find them
  • I’m unsure how to distinguish between them
  • they don’t know me
  • I’m an unknown, with little business experience
  • I have a catalog, a personality, but not a branded communications plan
  • I don’t have much time: 20hrs/wk
  • My output is slow, I don’t present fresh material often enough
  • I have a music mind, not a business mind


  • shifting landscape: the record biz dies, but the music biz is growing like crazy: go digital
  • direct digital publishing, podcast, virtual concerts, global audiences
  • thousands of partner sites/services/communities for gaining exposure
  • growing market: Austin is known as a great town for AAA singer/songwriters like myself
  • a new year, a new CD to produce and release
  • current email list and site traffic


  • crowded market: Austin is known as a great town for AAA singer/songwriters
  • niche not defined specifically enough
  • too many online opportunities, too few lucrative ones
  • I have a music habit, not a business habit

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