New Kind of Gig: Secret Stages

I stopped playing bars and coffee shops last year opting this year to devote my music time to the podcast and working on a better model for performing. I’d noticed secret little stages around town and around my neighborhood, along Blunn creek where I take my dog Townes for a walk most days. So as the coolness of the spring dissipated, while the creek was flowing, I invited people on a tour of my favorite natural amphitheaters, playing a few songs acoustically at each spot. Knowing I wanted to be able to share the experience with all my friends around the country and world, I got some footage of it, along with DJ Bigface’s fantastic photographs!

You can hear the creek flowing right in front of me.




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  1. Hey Jason, we met at VizThink last month. Really dig this idea and your musical style here.

    If you are not already familiar with ‘The Austin Secret Show’ I think you might like it. Check it out on MySpace:

  2. Hey J,
    I was goin’ through the email box that seems to never ever end. There were a few awesome things I stumbled upon that I had forgotten about. Your blog was one of them. Thank you so much for posting. I love your music, your site, and you and M as well. Reminds me of Austin đŸ™‚

    Lots of West Coast Love,

  3. regina hughes May 22, 2009 — 7:45 pm

    Too cool. I will be sure to catch a gig.
    Thanks for including me.

  4. Love the sound! REALLY LOVE the idea! It’s great to see such creativity in motion! Keep it up!

  5. Very cool thing to do! There are a couple places around my neck of the woods like this… natural amphitheaters.

  6. Very cool. I found you through Derek Sivers. Did you have to go through any red tape, i.e. permits etc., to do this?

  7. I’ve done three concerts in two spots with about 20-25 people each time: The first and second were in the creek near my house and I didn’t bother to ask anyone. The third was on the campus where I work where I’d seen a great little amphitheater hidden away behind the alumni center. I asked if I could do a lunchtime concert there and they said yes. So…it was pretty easy.

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