Avocado by Gary Snyder

The Dharma is like an Avocado!
Some parts so ripe you can’t believe it.
But it’s good.
And other parts hard and green
Without much flavor,
Pleasing those who like their eggs well-cooked.

And the skin is thin,
The great big round seed
In the middle,
Is your own Original Nature –
Pure and smooth,
Almost nobody ever splits it open
Or tries to see
If it will grow.

Hard and slippery,
It looks like
You should plant it – but then
It shoots out thru the
fingers –

gets away.

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7 thoughts on “Avocado by Gary Snyder”

  1. Dude, this is my favorite poem. It saddens me that this was posted years ago now; no one has commented. I saw the great wall of nothing and it was delicious.

  2. Found this favorite of mine. I will post it for national Poetry Month. I have the ebook but love to find better copies online, and not with my iPhone camera.

  3. I was in Dharamsala in Feb. ’96 when the Dalai Lama was giving his yearly week long talks. Some local Tibetans took a shine to me and asked if I could give a spiritual talk at a local cafe after the Rinpoche Lama they had booked couldn’t make it. After reluctantly agreeing I got up and read Avocado. Everybody was blown away and was congratulating me on such a powerful and succinct poem even though I clearly stated it was written by Gary Snyder. That didn’t seem to register and the accolades continued to stream forth. People see what they want to see I guess, haha. Thanks for posting!

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