Making Art With Sara Hickman

588667816_e748a8a99f_mI am very excited to post that I have begun making art with Sara Hickman! We got together a few weeks ago and had a  fantastic time writing a few poems, starting a few songs.

Here is the rough sketch of the first semi-complete song, Bananas! She had the instrumental la-la chorus, improvised a great chorus and verse, to which I added another two and a bridge.

How We Got Bananas!
0.1a – Sara sings the la-la chorus…
0.1b – …then she makes up a fantastic verse.
0.2 – I add two more verses and bridge, sketched it w/reggae guitar, backing vocals.
0.3 – Sketch again with driving guitar, sampled shaker, new takes, bit more production.


da da da da, da da da da

i greeta da bananas in da morning
and eata da banana most every day
i dip a da banana into my yoghurt
and peck at peanut butter you got on your plate

oh how i am hungry for something so healthy
i needa da energy so i can play
hello mister granola or you can say hola
anyway you mix it it’s quite a parfait

my little banana my little banana
oh you’re so yellow my bright happy fellow
i love my banana more than i can say
da da da da, da da da da

i packa da banana for de afternoon time
for a sweet snack in a slice of da shade
it’s got it’s own package but squeeze it so lightly
or you’ll get all slimey wherever it’s laid

banana beer banana bread banana chip banana pudding
banana split, cherry and chocolate on it
banana boat and a banana cream pie
banana lips banana nose banana eyes

my little banana my little banana
you’re good for my tummy and so sweet and yummy
i love my banana more everyday
da da da da, da da da da,

i peela the banana in the evening
when you come around i make you fresh fruit
you say you love it when we get together
and you let me feed you with my little spoon

oh how i love you, oh you’re so beautiful
you make me happy more than i can say
when you go away oh i’m so lonely
but i go bananas and then i’m ok

my little banana my little banana
you’ve got such a luster when out with your cluster
you follow your hunches and travel in bunches
stick it in your ear and pretend you can’t hear
but please never take my banana away
da da da da, da da da da

Sara’s also entrusted me with 7 canvases, so beyond the new songs, I’ve got a few visions to chase…bless you sweet generous muse! I’ve just made some additions to her painting below (namely the Adirondack chair and black writing on the flower). Check out all the art and music we’ve begun making at

The Chair and The Chicken

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