Almost a year ago I kicked off FOK DUB. Then I met Sara, we formed Newspaper and Trumpet and Family Time Rocks!

Then in Nov I had a beautiful baby girl named Anais Sky and in all of this, FOK DUB dun got forgot. But as I look forward to 2010, it’s FOK DUB that makes me happy… using the Web to get it out, using social media creatively, bringing my secret stages and dream gigs online, and climbing my own personal Mt. Everest.

The tension is in time, the calendar. Family first. Maile and Anais are 1 and 2, but 3 is me and in the few hours left in the week there isn’t room for lots of big plans. What big plans is there room for?

FTR! is about to make a four  song video at Flipnotics and getting ready to record an album shortly thereafter.

As for my stuff, I’d like to get the plan in place, the the arrangements down, the money saved, the time booked and the tracks down in 6 months or so (as I laid out last March). I’d also like to do at least a few concerts by the creek this Spring, and am tossing around various ideas about how to do periodic streaming sessions and get the podcast going again, secret stages going global, digital.

So this sounds like an awful lot to happen in a very little amount of time. To make things tougher, I am taking on more freelance Web work. Sounds like I need a plan. Sounds like I need little deadlines all along the way. That’s what I will do today, map out, again, how FOK DUB can happen this year.

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