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Gareth Dunlop
Gareth Dunlop

I spent my junior year at Trinity College in Dublin in 1993. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been back in touch with several of my Dublin friends including Gareth Dunlop. Last week Gareth notified me:

Hey, Jason, I was recently clearing out some old cassettes and I stumbled across a 35 minute recording of you, a guitar, some songs on an old SONY Walkman professional from my flat in Dublin in 1993! It’s a great trip down memory lane.

I was so pleasantly surprised. And upon listening back I heard again many songs that I had since lost. What gold! Thank you so much Gareth!!!

Here is the mp3 Gareth recorded at his flat on Capel St., Dublin, when I was 21.

  1. Waiting for Water to Boil
  2. Billy, Tonight
  3. Black and White
  4. Might As Well Stay
  5. To the One
  6. Lady Across the Way
  7. Mr. Mystery
  8. Without Love
  9. I Believe
  10. World Without End
  11. River Run
  12. By Name
  13. Sunday Morn (alt. version)
  14. Ray’s Song

I didn’t take my guitar to Ireland, because it had been taking too much time away from my studies. But instead of weekly test and papers, Trinity had only lectures and one paper at the end of the semester. Well, I lived alone, and within a few weeks I’d bought a used classical guitar and was spending more time than ever writing songs.

I sang in the Anglican choir, and hung out with some great folks I met through church. There was a particularly youthful pastor everyone called Stocki who always combined his love for the bible with attention to spiritual songwriting like that of U2. He hosted many young musicians every change he got and gave me a venue for sharing my songs.

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