My Desktop

I had a lot of fun this evening making a custom header for this site. It’s as close a representation I can make at the moment of my actual desktop and the man in front of it. I tried to keep everything to scale by comparing it to the sketch pad, on my desk, then in the digital image.

  • headphones (nicer than mine)
  • Boss TU-12H tuner
  • Strathmore sketch pad (spiral on top for this leftie)
  • Pilot G-2 ball-point pen
  • Android phone
  • a pile of guitar picks
  • M-Audio Fast-track Pro USB audio interface
  • iMac (nicer than mine, but with actual wallpaper)
  • Olympus LS-10 audio recorder, on and recording
  • Canon G11 camera
  • Boss DD-5 digital delay pedal
  • Tazo Chai tea
  • chocolate chip cookies

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I'm j and I play: musician, web guy, family man.

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