Like A Blog!

My buddy Kris put this awesome blog rap take on Like A Boss. I helped him do a few lines and the lil j chorus (screwed down, of course).

Mr. Jones Thanks for holding this workshop
–No problem
So you do social media, is that right?
–Absolutely, I can blog
Okay, so take us through a day in the life of a blogger
–Well the first thing I do is…

Talk about myself (like a blog)
Approve comments (like a blog)
tags n categories (like a blog)
search engine optimize (like a blog)
post a LOLcat (like a blog)
pictures of my kids (like a blog)
install plugins (like a blog)
wax poetic (like a blog)
get political (like a blog)
show my ignorance (like a blog)
wallow in pity (like a blog)
make a newsletter (like a blog)
sign with godaddy (like a blog)
get crap service (like a blog)
Demand a refund (like a blog)
never get one (like a blog)
complain on twitter (like a blog)
usin’ short words (like a blog)
make a podcast (like a blog)
no one listens (like a blog)
tons of comments (like a blog)
from the spam bots (like a blog)
acai berries, cialis viagra and russian brides!
add a CAPTCHA (like a blog)
no one can read it (like a blog)
forget to update (like a blog)
lose my audience (like a blog)
solipsism (like a blog)
jump on facebook (like a blog)
playin’ farmville (like a blog)
credit card stolen (like a blog)
disconnect modem (like a blog)
grow a big beard (like a blog)
live off the grid (like a blog)
hunt my own food (like a blog)
act like ted nugent (like a blog)
catch scurvy (like a blog)
curl up in a ball (like a blog)
Now I’m dead (like a blog)

Uh huh. So that’s an average day for you then?
–No doubt
You catch scurvy and die?
And I think at one point there you said something about leaving the grid?
What do you mean?
Okay, well this has been eye opening for me
–I can blog
Yeah, no I got that. You said it about four-hundred times
–I can blog
Yeah yeah I got it!
–I can blog
No I heard you, see ya later

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