Stopped down by the riverside guitar in my hand
Watched the water drift by to promised land
Something amazing about this thing called grace
Something so compelling about that hidden face

When I was a little boy I never knew I knew
Everyday I got a little bit older I thought I knew what to do
But now I’m so much older and everything is strange
But my little boy heart keeps beating like noghting ever changed

And I’m thankful for it all
God has been good to me

Go down to the riverside, rich man see yourself
As the water drift by so one day will your wealth
But you can not take it with you to the promised land
Only way to drink that water is with an open hand

Go down to the riverside, mamma, stop your worryin’
A life without trust and courage is a life of sin
How you gonna swim to the otherside if you don’t get wet
How can you hit the jackpot if you don’t even place a bet

If you want to truly live you gotta get ready to die
If you wanna make it down below you gotta look so high
Not much I crazy whacked out world I can say is true
But work first for the Kingdom and all else will be added to you

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