Sixty Never Looked So Good

My former professor and songwriting buddy, Randolph Bias, sent me these lyrics to put to music for his wife Cheryl’s 60th bday party, which was tonight. I was a great party and the song put it over the top. Here’s the song and the slideshow he put together to go along with the it.

Sixty Never Looked So Good.mp3

Imagine the joy of young Dot and of Earl
When they first brought home their cherubic girl.
Imagine this day? I don’t think they could.
Sixty never looked so good.

She grew and she swam and they moved to Jax.
The schoolgirl Cheryl lived life to the max.
This girlscout prepared and did all that she should.
and now sixty never looked so good.

An odd thing happened when she was twenty,
To this young beauty with beaus aplenty.
I asked her to marry and she said she would.
Sixty never looked so good.

When she was thirty we headed up north
Two beautiful boys her body brought forth
A foursome was awesome from what once was two.
Hey, I remember, thirty looked good too.

Baseball and tennis kept us four sporty.
The girl of my dreams, still hot at forty.
How’s she keep running? I peek ‘neath the hood.
Sixty never looked so good.

And so my baboo turned the big five-oh.
Our sons were all grown, and further to go
We’d travel and play as much as we could.
Sixty never looked so good.

And so now that she’s reached such a full of three score.
and we crane aching necks to see what’s in store.
This above all things is well understood:
Sixty never looked so good.
I said sixty never looked so good.
Randolph loves you, Cheryl.
Sixty never looked so good.

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