The saxophone sings on the sound of the sea
The wheelbarrow rest on the coconut tree
A lone child spins falling dizzy in the sand
Un momento perfecto, love here I am

A fisherman waves from a boat in the bay
The dad joins the kids on the beach where they play
They bury the small one to her head in the sand
Un momento perfecto as you take my hand

I can taste the sea water on my beard in the tea
When you lean to and kiss me on your lips the salt beads
An old fellow sleeps on his arms in the sand
Un momento perfecto, nothing so grand

We’ve traveled together ten years and eight days
Always loved each other despite some places we stayed
The sea’s our solution, this our spot in the sand
Un momento perfecto, completely unplanned

Now the days getting hot, everything’s slowing down
But our lunch is long over and soon we’ll stroll back to town
Un momento perfecto must come to an end
But we’ll trek on together till it comes round again


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