This Song Is Done

This is a new year’s resolution (to write a song a week), a GTD song, inspired again by Seth Godin.

This Song Is Done

I don’t care if its good
I don’t care if it makes any sense
I just don’t have the time
to figure out some fancy rhymes

I just gotta be fast
I’m cranking out the lines
and what ever I do is fine
’cause it’s on time

this song is done
this song is done
it’s been fun i got to run
this song is done

I told myself I could do it
a song every goddam day
and there’s nothing to it
if all I gotta do is play

and if you want a good one
you gotta write some bad ones first
and the good ones come when you get over feeling dumb
so show up and do your worst

this song is dumb
this song is dumb
they can’t all be the one
but this song is done

this song is for all my artists
who don’t know that muse will sing
cause they don’t show up for practice
or ever finnish a goddam thing

to all my perfectionists
let go of all that crap
let it sail learn to fail
but don’t fall in to that trap

this song is done
make room for another one
when you hear that gun you’d better run
this song is done
i’m my father’s son but I have won
this song is done

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