New Video: No More Shitty Gigs

Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present the world premier of the best damn video I’ve made to date (with great help, beginning to end, from Earl). This is my No More Shitty Gigs manifesto and pledge:

No More Shitty Gigs

No more sitting in my cube beneath the zombie lights
Where the light is too white and the walls are too tight
I need to go outside and a get big fresh breath of air
But I can’t escape the screen and my butt’s glued to the chair

No more standing on a stage beneath a TV screen
No more trying to sing over the coffee steam machine
No more waiting hours just wait for hours more
In some far off remote hope that my foot gets in a door

No more shitty gigs I’ve played enough for one life
No more shitty years it’s high time I decided
Let’s go for a walk, I’m gonna take show outside
‘Cause it’s my show and I decide where it will go
It’s my show and I decide where it will go

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