Cupid Blowing Kiss To Trees

Thanks to Ron (of The Ron Museum) I’ve had an art-collector eye out for cheap art that makes me happy. Last night I found this on eBay and got it for $30, shipped from CA for $36.

Painting of cupid blowing a kiss to three trees

After a little sleuthing this morning, Ron helped me figure out that it is probably a souvenir painting from the House of the Vettii in Pompeii, which explains the brown, yellow and red borders and the floating platform cupid is on. It doesn’t explain why he’s blowing a kiss to these three fading trees, and I like that mystery.

The back of the painting says:

Brooks, my beloved
husband, bought this
in Pompeii on 7 June 1956.





Here are some similar images from the inside the Vettii.

Frieze of Vettii Cupids

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