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November News

We opened November with another great Sundaysong Singalong in Stacy Park. They keep getting better and the coolest people keep showing up.

Maile made a pot of Chai Tea and I passed out the first Singalong Songbook. This is the first draft of what I hope will eventually be a nicely bound book of dozens of songs with drawings in the margins. Listen to us sing on Soundcloud:

Sundaysong Singalong 11-2-14, Soundcloud player

I’m now on a perpetual search for songs about peace, gratitude, wisdom, friendship, higher love… Please email me if you have or hear any good singalong ideas for a Sunday morning.

As a musician trying to focus on what I do best and present it in the easiest, most authentic way, I’m frequently wondering about the seven music strategy questions in this survey:

Please click here and give me your perspective by taking
my 1-minute, 7-question, multiple-choice survey

Thanks for any help with those question,

p.s. I went to Santa Fe for the week of Thanksgiving, took a ton of pictures and found a few artists I really liked.

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