J at the Tree House Lounge

Live from the Tree House Lounge

I was back in DC for my 25th high school reunion last weekend so I set up a gig to play old songs and new for friends and family. Without knowing the place, I found the Tree House Lounge online and booked a spot in their Sunday night showcase. A few old friends and many friends of the family came out to see what the great Molini was up to (that was my name as a magician, back in middle-school). Here are a few tracks.

Tree House Lounge

Thanks to Josh Marks for these nice photos.

J at the Tree House Lounge

J at the Tree House Lounge

The band after me was called J and the 9s, who, as you can see, put on quite a show. That’s my brother Franklin taking it all in.

J and the 9s w Franklin

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