May 2015 Singalong w Mo

May 2015 Singalong at Little Stacy Park with Mo Pair

Singalong sandwich board

It was a gorgeous day today for a singalong at Little Stacy Park and the crew was out. I played the 12-string Taylor. Our special guest Mo Pair, sang a song, lead a  hymn and a song on the drum in the middle of our singalong set.

Here are recordings of us singing Stevie Wonder’s “A Place In The Sun,” Mo leading a Ponca hymn and his song on the drum.

May 2015 Singalong at Little Stacy Park

Mo singing w guitar

Paige’s boys were the best, clapping along from the front row:

Paige's boys at the singalong

May 2015 Singalong

Mo on drum in feild

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