Photos from Italy, 2017

I recently returned from two weeks in Italy: 3 days in Naples, 4 days in Venice and 5 days in Rome. I took about 3500 photos, whittled that down to about 700 favorites. Here are 26 of my very favorite, artsy shots.

Man, Tree, Three Cars, Centered on Building Background

Koi Pond Reflection


Street art: Stilettos w Chewing Gum

Mom and Al, walking Rome

Three people, three trees

Red wall, Venice

Green boat, Venice

Street, Venice

Algae Green Steps w Shoes

Man w Dog on Mustard Yellow House

Giacometti Men on Red Shirt and Magritte

Boat and Canal on Red Wall and Yellow House with Turquoise Doors

Red and Pink Hotel, Naples

Church with Divine Light

Shoe Salesman with Shoes

Silhouette of Man in Train Station

Nun watching man running in train station

woman looking out train at orange building

People Passing Valentino Store

Frosted View of Buildings

Homeless Men in front of Green Door

Street art framed by pipes

Lunch View

Mailbox Face Streetart w Crack

Ancient Cock Rock

Here is the whole set of 674 photos at Flickr, see the embedded slideshow below.

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