MANTRAS Update, Jan. 2018


HamsaI started MANTRAS in 2013 when I chose four songs (#s 1-4 below) that have a reggae/ska feel. I dreamed of a horn section for these and contacted a great local trombone player and arranger (of Grupo Fantasma/Brownout fame) to write parts and produce a horn section.

We went into Tonehaus studio and laid down drums, bass, and guitar. We went back a few months later and laid down a three-piece horn section of trombone, sax, and trumpet.

Dan Bechdolt (sax), Kevin Flatt (trumpet), Mark “Speedy” Gonzales (trombone)

I took all the tracks home, got lost in the weeds of editing it all, not knowing what I wanted. You know when you get your hopes and expectations up and then the details spin you around till you’re dizzy?

Spiral animation
Sometimes, it feels like this.

That was five years ago. Since then I have written new songs (and added two to the album that seem to fit nicely) but the unfinished MANTRAS has cast a shadow over my creative output. Now, as 2018 begins and I’ve got a bunch of new projects pulling me forward, my New Year’s resolution is to finish this album as an EP this Spring.

I’ll just keep repeating my mantra from I Have Arrived:

No more waiting for the stars to align
No more waiting, no more hesitating


Here is a rough-cut of the songs for the upcoming EP, MANTRAS:

  1. No More Shitty Gigs (4m)
  2. I Have Arrived (4m)
    Jason MolinI Have Arrived v.1.2
  3. This Song Is Done (2:20m)
  4. I’m Not Gonna Try (6:20m)
  5. Bright Eyes Shine (3m)
  6. Outside (4:30m)

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