On the day of the Fischer Follies last Saturday Joe got me on the bill and it became a complete family affair.

Joe played four songs, I played three, then Maile and Ellyn told a story with Anais on stage. It was a delightful evening at the Cowboys For Jesus church helping to raise money to put a new roof on the Fischer Store School Community Center.

Here’s Joe finishing his set with a Patsy Cline cover.

Then I played a few songs on my new Guild guitar and Maile and Ellyn followed with the story of how they stole a baby goat from the Maui Zoo.

Jason MolinSunday Morn live at Fischer Follies
Jason MolinUn Momento Perfecto live at Fischer Follies
Jason MolinJ's 3-Song Set w Banter at the Fischer Follies
Ellyn Hickey and Maile MolinNot This Baby

Below is a slideshow of all the acts from the evening.