NEW SONG (DEMO): Collapse

An ode to a few recently extinct mammals and a plea to value those that are not yet gone. They are us. Listen to Collapse on YouTube.


The Eastern hare wallaby and
The Desert bandicoot
The White-footed rabbit-rat and
The Broad-faced potoroo

The Bulldog rat, the Bluebuck and
The Dusky flying fox
The Falkland Island wolf and
The Big-eared hopping mouse

The Madagascan pygmy Hippo and
The Christmas Island shrew
The Gloomy tube-nosed bat and
Goodfellow’s tree-kangaroo

The Sea mink and the Forrest ox and
The Relict leopard frog
The Caribbean monk seal and
The Utah prairie dog

Collapse, collapse
these creatures could not last
how long till we’re aghast?
Perhaps collapse

Collapse, collapse
and all of it forecast
let’s not be the last
before collapse

The Blue whale and the Fin whale and
The Wild water buffalo
The Ganges river dolphin and
De Winton’s golden mole

The Japanese Sea Lion and
The Lightning man triplefin
The Shortnose sucker, the Rhim gazelle and
The Philippine pangolin

The Giant crowned flying fox and
Père David’s deer
The Bluemask darter, the Hong Kong grouper and
The Idaho ground squirrel

The Jamaican monkey, the Large sloth lemur and
Emma’s giant rat
The Bornean ferret-badger and
Bokermann’s nectar bat

Collapse, collapse,
we’re falling and falling fast
and our head is up our ass
in this unsurpassed collapse

Collapse, collapse
and all of it forecast
let’s not be the last
before collapse

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2 thoughts on “NEW SONG (DEMO): Collapse”

  1. Your authentic earnestness always makes my heart hurt because you nail it with truth and catchy melodies. Thank you for all the care and love you share with a bit of edge. Let’s not be the last…I agree and thank you. <3

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