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NEW SONG (DEMO): Dead of Night

Here’s an experimental ode to the deep of night, when the world stops and I can be alone in the luxurious late-night obscurity of the studio to howl into the dark and follow the echoes.

This one gets a little trippy as I play with layers of vocal delay and feedback on the minimalist poetry over vocal Aaaahs. I tried to follow those echoes into an extended late-night feeling. I also try something here that I don’t often do: make the chorus out of an instrumental guitar line. It’s got a good beat, so if you’re inclined, dance along like everyone else is asleep.

Listen to Dead of Night on YouTube.

Dead of Night

Out of mind
Out of sight
Nothing wrong
Nothing right
Catch a vibe
Catch a flight
Dead calm
Dead of night

Take a dive
Take a bite
After hours
Walking with
Dead of night

Prison break
Smuggle out
Running from
Dead of night

Twitchy tongue
Sit tight
Barely there
Or upright
Making way
By flashlight
Deep into
Dead of night

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