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Executive Meetings

At our weekly meetings, our boss likes to end with a question that gets us all sharing something about ourselves. Questions like:

  • What was your first job?
  • What’s your favorite TV theme song?
  • What’s one of your useless talents?

I loved this last question both because it prompted such fun answers from the team and because I got to share that one of my useless talents is that I can and regularly do make a song out of anything. So after everyone shared, I was inspired to make it into a song. Here is a rough demo recorded on my phone.

Executive Meetings

Executive meeting every week
tune in and see what’s new with the veep
they’re very important in all sorts of ways
here are a few that just might amaze

Heidi can twirl a baton in two ways
Helen can match up those colors for days
Jenn can sing all of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas
Anne makes ice water like nobody’s business

Executive meeting every week
tune and hear how scope creeps
they can do things that you never knew
too many to name but here’s just a few

Darren can wiggle his ears, did you know?
LaToya can name Golden Girls episodes
Teeyia can set up your old school hifi
And Jason can sing it and make it all rhyme

Executive people, they are the best
at doing odd things that no one expects
all of this useless talent concealed
stay tuned to see what the questions reveal

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