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New Song Demo: Blue Moonlight

I am proud to present a new type of song that I have been working on for the last six months. I bought a looper (the Boss RC600) and a percussion pad (the Roland Handsonic) that allow me to layer all sorts of sounds and rhythms onto my songs in real-time.

I’m just beginning to understand everything these things can do and utilize them for new arrangements of my songs, but it’s already sounding good to me and I’m having a lot of fun making a bigger sound as a one-man band.

Here’s a recent demo of a new song I wrote for the song game called Blue Moonlight. I did not use Logic to record all these parts separately in multi-track recording software, as I would usually do to create all these parts.

Instead, I recorded each part as a separate loop and performed the song in one take, triggering different sections with the loop pedal. It’s rough, but I’m really happy with where this is going and the possibilities for making a fuller sound as a solo musician.

Blue Moonlight

I feel alive
I think I’ll sing tonight
My crystals are charging in the blue moonlight
But I can’t swim with the howlers tomorrow night
At the springs ’cause I’m sick but I might

I see my likeness
In every scene, in every screen
While my clothes dry in the moonlight on Sunset Ln
I can’t stay up for the meteor shower
I need my seven hours
or I run out of power the next day

I’m out for strides
I’m alone under the trees along the riverside
Moonlight is my only friend
Down the middle of the street
and through the trees along Blunn Creek

I lie and lie
And call it poetry and songwriting
Whipin’ up an alternate persona
That sings about anything that he wants to die
Just to get it out, at least for a while

The formula is thin, I’ll have to admit it
The camera frames a limited-edition life
So we can hear what makes us cry

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2 thoughts on “New Song Demo: Blue Moonlight”

  1. I will not be able to attend, but I dig where you are going with that tune. Best to ya!

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