New Song: Oh, Great Universe (An Eclipse Lullaby)

Happy Eclipse Day!

Here in Austin – in the path of totality – it was a big thing for some people.  Folks from all over have been arriving for days. Unfortunately, it’s a cloudy day here.

But we caught a few glimpses of the eclipse, and the crowds here on UT’s campus roared each time a window through the clouds passed above us, revealing a bright crescent for a few moments.

Regardless of how much eclipse fever you have, I offer this humble hymn to our cosmos as a lullaby of wonder and a prayer for protection. I hope this helps you feel held in our Milky Way’s starry arms tonight.

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Oh, Great Universe

Oh, great universe
cold, empty universe
Goodnight, sweet universe
old, plentiful universe

Warm me with your fiery glow
Reach me with your radiant rays
Sail me into solar space
As the magic hour fades away

Oh, great universe
churning, burning universe
Goodnight, sweet universe
roiling, boiling universe

Hold me in your starry arms
brush my hair with your windy fingers
let me rest my weary eyes
as I expire tonight let my soul take flight

Oh, great universe
endlessly intricate universe
Goodnight, sweet universe
pensively animate universe

Knit me up into these sheets
tuck me into cosmic scenes
sing me a secret lullaby
before my dreams unwind my mind, goodnight

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