September News

I love new years, and better than a new calendar year is a new birthday year. So after turning 42 earlier this month and feeling like it had brought many answers, I set out again to refine my sound and vision for Fall’s shows.

This meant getting some new (battery-powered) gear that will allow me to bring some of the sonic magic I make in the studio, outside, to remote settings. It meant playing with new loop and delay pedals, many nights in a row.

It also meant bringing new ideas to the music-council for feedback. Thanks to Earl and Airshp for all the help envisioning and refining it with me. Channel J is on the way!

Stay tuned,

FOK DUB Reviewed in The Music Initiative

I’m thrilled to find my first review of FOK DUB in April’s edition of The Music Initiative.

FOK DUB review in The Music Initiative, April 2012

And that the reviewer got the beach feel is great validation that it’s coming across the way I’d hoped. There are a few good quotes to pull out.

Jason Molin delivers a chill album perfect for a day at the beach.

The final instrumental song “Lub Dub” transports you to a live performance on the beach, with a drink in your hand and feeling the breeze through your hair.

Just like any woman’s favorite dress, FOK DUB is a perfect day to night album.

Thanks Becca Finley and thanks JT!