Jono texted me this photo recently. I love it. I look so happy.

He reminded me in his text about a story we frequently laughed about later, it was so serendipitously funny, and was apparently the site of this photo. We were at our friend Ty’s church seeing a play called Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Bells. It was especially ghastly in hell.

Afterward Jono said to a kid in the row in front of us, Sup junior? To which the boy replied, How you know my name? What’s your name? Jono asked. Tunde, the boy said.

The boy had heard Tunde for Junior but it all went to show one of the things I love most about Jono, his beguiling way of creating magical moments with strangers.

Sun Jan 16


I love these continuous line drawing angle people. Did you see people? Does the second one look like they’re on a cell phone?


Jamaican Gold  on KOOP is part of the Sunday morning tradition at my house. It sounds especially nice on this old Zenith tube radio I found at a yard sale last year.


I made a nice simple innovation on the journal format: from the top left prescribe what could/should happen, your todos; in the top right record what does happen.


These diamond doodles look so sculptural. I wonder how I could bring them to life? What metal, paper, or wire could reproduce these? A mobile might be nice, but I’m imagining a big upright, painted metal thing.