New Flickr Pics

I put up a bunch of new photos, like this one, of a painting I saw. It’s grafitti style of grafitti, on canvas. In addition to putting up a lot of photos and starting some sets, I made a lot of the not-so-spectacular pics private, so that you won’t have to wade through all the pics of my dog.

Big Pics

I just love how easy flickr makes posting big photos. Here’s one I took back in DC as I was crossing the a foggy briges late at night. I turned around and zoomed in through the back window and got this picture of the tire on the back of the car with the earie bridge lights behind it.

My First Pic

My first pic, a self-portrait in a car windowCould it be true? After a day or three of waiting to switch over to my wordpress setup, I got the plugins to work and can post audio and a photo. Now all I need is to have this much text beside each photo. If it weren’t here, all the formating would be screwed up. Even though this is a pretty small picture, it takes more text than I often post. I guess I’m heavier on the images and sounds than the text, which is why this seems more and more like a wordpress.