Our Tribes

I’ve been reading Tribes by Seth Godin, so I thought I’d try to state what our tribes are, plain and simple.

My wife Maile is leading the tribe of people who know that the right thing to do is to teach immigrants English at work.

I hope to help lead the tribe of artists and non-profits who want to use the Web to accomplish their missions, dreams. I’m a digital ambassador teaching anyone how to create a killer Web presence and connect effectively with their supporters.

You're On To Something Good

you’re on to something good, you pig
piggly wiggly pig
sneakin’ down the aisle
you think I don’t see your sneaky smile
ha! you’re a ridiculous mound of matter
with that mouth of yours
you made me feel demure
but I’m never that unsure
unless you knew me way back when
you are my oldest friend
since way back when we lived in Houston
under the bridge where scarlet skies
sang lullabies of long ago ways
hazy days and mudpies
eye to eye, hip to hip…baby’s swingin’
on her mamma’s hip
sucking on her thumb
seeing only shapes with eyes
babytalk in sing-song rhyme