Site Development Strategy

I’m sorry to have let up on the interesting postings as of late, but I am still quite obsessed with getting this new blog format under my thumb. Here is the picture I took of myself while driving, that I used for the little Flash fader tool to the right.

My stategy is to get this blog sloggin along and working well in time for a new years anouncement. I’m also very excited to have begun uploading and tagging all my photos with Flickr, so I hope to be rolling out the galleries soon as well.

My First Pic

My first pic, a self-portrait in a car windowCould it be true? After a day or three of waiting to switch over to my wordpress setup, I got the plugins to work and can post audio and a photo. Now all I need is to have this much text beside each photo. If it weren’t here, all the formating would be screwed up. Even though this is a pretty small picture, it takes more text than I often post. I guess I’m heavier on the images and sounds than the text, which is why this seems more and more like a wordpress.