Singing Under the Bridge

song 1 – voices in the trees


i hear voices in the trees
will they pass me by on the floating breeze
i don’t know but
i hear them i hear them
goin by
they got some place that they gotta go
i wonder if they can hear me too
as i sit under this bridge with you
how i came to enjoy the day
i woulda been lost but you ran my way
down the street behind the yellow bulldozer
that was pullin up the street how could we meet
but you came down and you said hey
youre in the right place don’t go away
so i took you hand in such reverie
now we’re sittin under a bridge you and me
we’re gonna make music, oh then they’ll see
how easy how easy music music can bee
you and mee la la la la la la

the snake are hangin in the trees
all the ones that we can’t see
singing to the birds that are makin’ their nest
all the little babies that are gestatin’
holy mole we’re wakin’ up
the sun is shinin and the buttercups
reflected in the pools beside me
i only wish that i could find me some
eternal music someplace that i can use it
don’t know where i belong
sometimes i just write a song
and i’ve got a new home i’ve got a new place
got a new friend and a little space
to make some echoes happenin today
graffitti on the way

pan left his flute sittin up on the bridge
we could pull him down and make some music again
i see all the holes where all the mates
come and hear my music it’s never a joke it makes
others smile and giggle too
and like the time we had the tickle-fest
when you were comin’ up and comin’ up and comin’ up into your best
i like the time my husband wore the yellow pants
i was paintin pictires it was summer and he took a chance
he said come on let’s get together have some sweet romance
and now ten years has come and gone
and we’re gettin tot he middle of our song
who knew two kids would come along
we’re growin’ old growin’ old gracefully
him and me
the pan flute’s singing
softly ringing
ringing just bells of joy
oh take you toys

strap em to your belt
wake up in the middle of the night
and have yourself a solo pillowfight
hold on baby we’re goin somewhere
nobody knows but we don’t care
we’re gonna hop that train
we gonna fly that plane
we gonna lift up a rock
we gonna put on a sock

dun dum dum du du da da…

time for a change
for a change
do do do do do

song 2 – spring


hey now hew now don’t be too discouraged
because winter has come and it has gone
we’v e got sprin around the corner
and you know what that means (whadoes it mean?!)
it means life is gonna is gonna be poppin at the seams
and if you get afraid (i’m not afraid!)
just remember how you were made
and everything will work out ok

and need some lovin
and i’ve got some lovin
but i never know what the spring will bring
winter was fun
but i prefer the sun
time to put on my spring wings and fly

fly right straight out of your little nest
you know that it’s the best
when the birds start hoppin
and a boppin along we sing
you can’t be blue
when spring’s all around you
cause you know that there’ll be little shoots
poppin’ up with something new
something something new

i strapped on my space boots and
i took myself a spacewalk
got myself some space and gave myself a spacetalk
way out of this world (way out of this world)
i couldn’t tell what i was sayin so i started prayin

dear god please send the words so my lover will know
that my heart’s beating so i wanna love grow
everything is comin down but it’s past the snow and
and i need to remember that big blackbird in my heart
she will never part b/c i’ve got more than this
i’ve got love to give (i’ve got love to give)
it’s drippin from my fingertips
and i know i will always remember everything that you say
gonna be a great day

say it one more time and catch it while it flew
do do we could make a little bit of blues
something that the day is sayin to me (sayin sayin)
mud daubers, the nester, you and me
and takimine

she’s singin to me
listen closely and you’ll hear her little song

you gotta get right you can’t go wrong
when you’re friend’s singing a made up song
you know that winter’s gone and now it’s time
to you let go too sweet last fall

summer get’s so hot
and it can come any day
but spring might only last an hour
but we’ll enjoy it anyway

i look into your eyes and i never realized
beyond seeing myself you’ve got a soul that’s a magical shell
so i reach up to where i can hardly see anymore
and what’s in store? who can say?
i’m in love with lovin’ you, i’m in love today
i’m gonna put you in my pocket and carry you away

ba di da da

song 3 – Bananas!

[audio:2009/4/banana-la-la.mp3] [audio:2009/4/banana-la-la-2.mp3]

da da da du da da du
la la la la la la la la la

i peel the banana in the evening
when you come around i make you fresh fruit
you say you love it when we get together
and you let me feed you with my little spoon
oh how i love you, you make me happy more than i can say
when you go away oh i’m so lonely
but i know i’ll see you again someday
my little banana my little banana
oh you’re so yellow my happy fellow
i love my banana more than i can say

song 3.1 the cancer banana song

so much of my life the skin is comin off
i was in the sun too long and now i cough
i’ve got this cancer it’s coming from inside
i peel my banana the caner i can’t hide
oh help me dear god you know i’m so sick
i wish i was healthy oh help me so quick
before i am down inside my grave
i wish i was stronger i wish i was brave
i want to cry i cry out to you
all of this cancer it’s killing me too
oh why must i be oh so very sad
when i could have had the best life i coulda had

it’s such an a’peelin’ banana
cause i’m ready and ripe

da da da du da da du
la la la la la la la la la

love smoothie!

talking, story…bananas

what do you love…bananas!

with the banana dance
peel each other
conga line under the bridge
all in yellow

yo little mustard seed why do you doubt
you could grow up to be a banana and come right out
you are so worried why do you fret
do you not know you’re just not a full grown banana yet

you might be green now but soon you’ll be brown
dance while you’re yellow you won’t be around, FOREVER!

bedhead? all morning songs
(the next morning after, you wake up

song 4 – don’t touch my dick
song for the butthole surfers
(hey Gibby, here’s a song for ya)


you get your hands right off my dick
you cannot take the skin away
i was born just like this it’s perfect
the way i came out today
keep that away from me…

song 5 – blueprint

[audio:2009/4/beautiful.mp3] [audio:2009/4/beautiful2.mp3] [audio:2009/4/beautiful3.mp3]

your heart is broken you don’t know why
but it’s all beautiful inside

i’ve got a blueprint of my mind
it changes every single time

you left a blueprint
they left a blueprint of who they were
if i’d only found this while they were here!

as i opened up my drawer of

drawings hidden in a drawer


a woman standing on a bridge
overcast sky up above
a blueprint isn’t a trap it’s a map
of where our love can go

don’t frame me up above your door
mental models walking in the dark is a space we come to know
i’ve tried to walk around the room inside your heart
the time to enter is the time your heart is dark
b/c i’ve got a blueprint in my mind
it changes everytime i walk around
drawing pulls me up inside
but i’ve come to find
la la la la la la
there’s a blueprint
blueprints fade in time
blueprints are best left behind
blueprints are a good place to start
but they don’t have to be tattooed on your heart
they don’t have to be the roadmap to what you build
they’re just a starting point, they’re just a

the bluebird brought me to a place where i could go
the blue morning’s coffee brought me someplace i could go
the blue man group how i’d love to ask them
for the blueprint to my soul
do you hold the blueprint of my soul

there’s only so much you can do
to plan out what will happen to you
we got the engine…
sometimes the answer’s heaven sent
but most of the time we’re looking for blueprints

song 6 – Linda Ronstadt cover

You're On To Something Good

you’re on to something good, you pig
piggly wiggly pig
sneakin’ down the aisle
you think I don’t see your sneaky smile
ha! you’re a ridiculous mound of matter
with that mouth of yours
you made me feel demure
but I’m never that unsure
unless you knew me way back when
you are my oldest friend
since way back when we lived in Houston
under the bridge where scarlet skies
sang lullabies of long ago ways
hazy days and mudpies
eye to eye, hip to hip…baby’s swingin’
on her mamma’s hip
sucking on her thumb
seeing only shapes with eyes
babytalk in sing-song rhyme

Newspaper & Trumpet

She never called me back
So I never had to fear
The water runs so deep
When it runs
I see a thousand limbs
The tree above the ground
Is equal to the tree below
The falling water
“This house, these hands, don’t matter!”
She cried out, she fled
She stumbled, hit her head
Scrambling for a safety net of time
Mighty chimes of chatter
Bells over the hills
The train is not on time again
The brakeman cannot wait
I’m waiting at the station
Creation! Elation!
Frustration! These electric words
Locked up in clocks and transition
Take your position in the kitchen
Hitchin’ a ride
From outside town
Newspaper and trumpet
Visiting the troupe
Closing the loop
Letting my hair grow out