Icy Cinema: July 7, 2018

Darrel and I joined Gray around the baby grand piano again a few Saturdays ago, which Gray had prepared in some interesting ways, as you will hear in a few of these tunes. I am proud of our patience during this session; it is a generally calm, relaxing meditation.

Here are some videos I shot as we warmed up including Darrel with prepared guitar and Gray playing a Steely Dan song called Pearl of the Quarter.

Icy Cinema: June 25, 2018

Several weeks ago Icy Cinema played our first gig, an evening of ambient music called enoscapes1, which was wonderful. The recording didn’t turn out great, so Darrel and I joined Gray in his music room on Monday night to record the three tunes we performed that night. Here they are.

Icy CinemaOpening - 6/25/18
Icy CinemaNarcokleptophiliac - 6/25/18
Icy CinemaHoliday Jive - 6/25/18

Enoscapes1 flyer

Here are Darrel and Gray getting sounds as we set up.


Icy Cinema: Feb. 24, 2018

Last Saturday morning we gathered around Gray's baby grand piano and lots of loveliness ensued.

Icy CinemaNarcokleptophiliac
Icy CinemaOpening
@j says:
Is that a whale?
Icy CinemaApproaching
Icy CinemaAuralator

Icy Cinema: Feb. 7, 2018

At the end of two hours of improvising music today, we were tossing out name ideas when Darrel said Amen, Icy Cinema, which is a palindrome. To which I said, Icy Cinema and the three of us looked at each other as if to say, I think that's it! And so it is, I think we have a name for our Ambient trio.

Here are a number of tracks from our last practice, Feb. 7.

Icy CinemaLilybeth's Lament
Icy CinemaMarch
Icy CinemaMoroccan Moon
Icy CinemaWord Sword
Icy CinemaCrater Cut
Icy CinemaWeave

Space Cakes and Cinescapes

CinescapesTunnel Vision
CinescapesHalliday Ja
CinescapesWon Too
CinescapesWon Morn

I've come to love ambient music over the last few years, largely because I listen to it by default in the morning, meditating, and at work. So I was jazzed about joining Darrel in Gray's music room a few times in December for ambient jams to improvise cinematic soundscapes.

Darrel and  I are mostly on our guitars, thick with effects and tricks, while Gray floats from keyboard to kit, guitar to Theremin. These are four of the more magical moments from our second session. Here's what Darrel heard:

Tunnel Vision - making me imagine walking the streets of Tokyo just before Dawn. Won Morn offers lovely weightlessness - dimensions and intrigue, a first spacewalk? But change is afoot with Won Too - with its unsettling fields, dark skies... and battering. And the journey into darkness concludes with a visit with Edvard Munch in Halliday Ja.

Cinescapes 2X4

Asleep In The Shade

Meditation takes many forms and for me sometimes the most effortless is losing myself, late at night, in the soupy, loopy delay of a slow ambient guitar progression. (Especially when I have new loop and delay pedals to play with.)

Adding simple layer upon echoey layer bakes a nice end-of-day dream. I use this to help slip past a long day out into the night sea.

For the gear-heads, here are the tricks I've got up my sleeve on this track, along with an Ebow.

loop and delay pedals