Brier Island View Cottage

We recently returned from a week’s visit to Nova Scotia where we stayed in a gorgeous house in an idyllic setting. You can see the Airbnb listing here.

In order to join my artistic 8-year-old at the table, spend less time on my screens, and actually get a vacation, I spent many hours drawing a picture of the house that I had taken.

I was inspired by a short film called My Grandfather’s Memory Book to start adding watercolors to my sketchbook.

I finally applied watercolor a few nights ago. It was harder than I thought to wrangle, but as with every aspect of this endeavor, it was satisfying time well spent away from the faster, digitized world.

Brier Island View Cottage Brier Island View Cottage drawing Brier Island View Cottage watercolor

Sun Jan 16


I love these continuous line drawing angle people. Did you see people? Does the second one look like they’re on a cell phone?


Jamaican Gold  on KOOP is part of the Sunday morning tradition at my house. It sounds especially nice on this old Zenith tube radio I found at a yard sale last year.


I made a nice simple innovation on the journal format: from the top left prescribe what could/should happen, your todos; in the top right record what does happen.


These diamond doodles look so sculptural. I wonder how I could bring them to life? What metal, paper, or wire could reproduce these? A mobile might be nice, but I’m imagining a big upright, painted metal thing.