Till Monday

Katelin, Matt, and I took turns writing lines for this one.

It’s four o’clock on Friday afternoon
I’ve got nowhere to go, nothing to do
I guess I’ll wander back to my ol’ place
And feel the bright sun shining down on my face

You, gloomy cloud, despair, I’m glad you’re gone
Cause all I need’s’an hour in the sun
Strum an old folk song and feel the breeze
The work week’s done and I’m again at ease

I’ll sit and sing my workweek woes away
I’ll be a different man until Monday
I’m me again, for now, alive and free!
To dream of my name up on that marquis

Trapped at this desk my mind is slowing down
My butt’s in the chair, my head’s outta town
I’m wishing for a life out on the road
Gotta leave soon ‘cause my time is borrowed

You up and left some time ago, I’ve tried
To make my case, but my dreams were denied
You come and go just like the wind blows
And I’m stuck here with tattered, worn-out prose.