I'm Empty

I’m Empty.mp3

Here I am with nothing to say (nothing to say)
Nothing to say there I’ve said it
I said what I’ve been dreading
I’ve said what I’ve been dreading
Which is I have nothing to say

Will you still play with me if you can see that I’m completely empty
There’s nothing here inside to share I wish that I could stay
I’ve said it, I’ve said it
I’ve said that I have nothing left to say

It’s wide out in the open
I’ve never had anything on my mind
I open my mouth to speak
Suddenly my knees go weak
And I find that I wait for father time to speak up
Please give me words so I can say
Something original today

I pledge allegiance to the…face of all the one?
I have no…qualm?
It belongs at…all?

But I hope yes I hope oh I hope yes I hope
That I will find my way


You can read it in the papers you can read it in the book
You can call your friends on the phone
They will tell everything is fine
That you are just imagining one more time that you’re alone
But you tuck yourself into sheets so deep
Where sleep is exhausting you to tears
Why can’t it be an instruction manual for me
That I wake up and find next to my bed
On the little table that my grandma used to own
When she would have a Sherri and lemon at night
When she’d play gin rummy by herself (by herself)
And I would wear the pajamas with the horses on top


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